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  • oxyCLONE Cloning System from Hydrofarm – Introduction

    oxyCLONE is a simple, compact, recirculating cloning system. It works with a variety of cuttings, allowing you to have a perpetual garden year-round. Now powered by Active Aqua’s premium, BPA-free water and air pumps! The submersible pump delivers constant turbulence to your reservoir while the attached Venturi valve naturally draws in air bubbles. For maximum aeration, the Active Aqua air pump provides a constant flow of dissolved oxygen through circular 4" air diffusers. No other cloner delivers dissolved oxygen like the oxyCLONE! For tips and FAQs, please visit


    Won’t leak or clog
    Maximum oxygenation
    Evaporative cooling means less retained heat
    Powered with Active Aqua premium pumps