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  • Hydrofarm: Jump Start Modular T5 Light System

    Jump Start Modular T5 Light System

    Available in 2' or 4' systems.

    • 4 full spectrum, 6400k T5 lamps
    • 4 lightweight reflectors
    • 2 docks
    • 4 legs (18" each)
    • 3 link cords
    • 6' power cord with inline ON/OFF switch
  • Hydrofarm Titanium Precision Pruner

    Hydrofarm introduces its new "heavy hitter" -- titanium precision pruners. We cloned what you liked about our precision pruners -- including an ergonomic design for cutting comfort, high-quality spring, and stainless steel construction -- and combined that with the power of titanium. The high strength-to-weight ratio of titanium means that it offers serious cutting capacity in a lightweight package. The new titanium coating on these pruners means they are resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, essential when they're around your misters and humidomes. Don't think these lightweight pruners are light weights, either. Titanium is considered virtually indestructible -- you'll certainly consider it a cut above the rest.
  • The Beamflicker

    The Beamflicker