Top Ten Reasons It Pays To Be An Indoor Gardener



Top Ten Reasons It Pays To Be An Indoor Gardener

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top Ten Reasons It Pays To Be An Indoor Gardener

By Jennifer Ruisch

1. It’s a form of entertainment. Why go sit through a stupefying summer blockbuster when you can stay home and tend to your plants? No traffic jams, no ridiculously priced popcorn, and you get to be all smug about how productive you’ve been.

2. Stress relief. Save yourself some money on therapy. Gardening is proven to reduce stress, and we all know that stress happens year round. So does indoor gardening. Go ahead and get your hands dirty.

3. Keep the winter blues away. In the cold, dark depths of the snowy season, an indoor gardener can luxuriate in their grow space, surrounded by warmth and light. Snow? What snow?


4. Indoor gardeners get to make homegrown fresh salsa in February. Grow your own tomatoes, peppers and cilantro, and why not tuck a dwarf lime tree into the corner of your grow space? Add tequila at your discretion.

5. Gardener’s marriages are better. People with hobbies report higher marital satisfaction. That’s the truth, Ruth. Keep yourself busy with your lights and your clones, and when you see your lover at the end of the evening, the stress will have already melted away. When you spend your day working on something that stimulates and satisfies you, you’ll be full of nothing more than love and light. Plus, you’ll have something else to talk about besides what you had for lunch.

6. You can breathe easy in your indoor garden, because you’ll have higher-than-average oxygen content in your home. As they respire, plants will clean the air in your home, purifying it, and pumping out clean oxygen.


7. Grow organic, without paying out the ear for it. Instead of paying double for fruits and veggies labeled organic, you’ll cut your costs and know exactly where your food came from. Nothing can change the connection an indoor gardener feels to their home grown food. When you watch your tomatoes flower and you see the fruit ripen, they just taste better.

8. You get to be a control freak. Instead of placing yourself (and your garden) at mother nature’s mercy, YOU get to decide how much and what kind of light, nutrients and environment your plants will thrive in.

9. You can be more self-sufficient. You can grow so much of what you eat, from tomatoes, greens and other veggies to herbs and even flowers to decorate the dining table, eliminating inconvenient grocery store runs.

10. It *actually* pays. Selling your crop, teaching classes, writing blogs and product reviews, working at a shop, there are loads of ways you can make your skill work for you, learn more about your favorite pastime, and even line your pockets a bit!


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