DIY Low Profile System on a Budget



DIY Low Profile System on a Budget

Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY Low Profile System on a Budget

By Hydrofarm’s Peyam Barghassa


WithActive AquaTM parts, you can easily make your own sturdy 2×4 low-profile drip or flood system for around $225!

Here are the items that you will need:

First measure your grow room area and make sure that you have enough room for the system. You’ll need at least 64×29 inches of space. Position the flood table so that the drainage is just over the porthole. Put the milk crate or stand of your choosing at the other end of the table. Make the stand slightly higher than the reservoir so that the water drains back into the res. Assemble either the drip kit or the ebb & flow kit and connect it to your pump; drill what holes you need in the table according to what type of system you are setting up. If doing a drip kit, I pull the ½” tube right up through the porthole, that way the porthole cover can be positioned to only partly cover the hole. You don’t want the porthole cover to accidentally cover the hole completely or else the drainage will be blocked.

2014-09-04_15-44-26_561So there you have it. A simple, super sturdy, easy to assemble and cost effective low-profile system. You can put a timer on the pump and forget it about it. I prefer to use Grodan rockwool in my systems, but there are many options: net baskets with coco coir or Plant!t clay pebbles, etc. You can do larger or smaller systems if you want, but always use the premium white trays and reservoirs for the sturdiest option. Experiment with what is ultimately right for you!


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