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Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving

Looking for unique gift ideas? Gardening gifts reward with healthy greenery and groceries long after the holidays have passed. Here are some of our favorites: The AeroGarden 7 is a complete countertop hydroponic garden with built in automated grow lights--it comes with everything your giftee will need (except water). The AeroGarden 7 produces an abundance of fresh herbs, greens, even cherry tomatoes! It comes with a Gourmet Herb Seed Kit as well as a bonus Grow Anything Kit, which lets ...

Let There Be Plant Lights

By esteemed guest blogger E. Vinje of Planet Natural in Bozeman, Montana Indoor plant lights let you shine a light where and when the sun don’t shine. They allow you to extend the growing season; have a year-round supply of fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs; as well as give your seedlings a head start before you can plant them outside. There are almost as many kinds of grow lights for sale as there are different light spectrums. Everything from a simple $5 ...


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