A Succulent Garden in a Pot



A Succulent Garden in a Pot

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Succulent Garden in a Pot

Mary Goebel’s Aardvark Plant Leasing has been caring for indoor plants at business offices in Marin and Sonoma Counties for 33 years. Mary came up with a great project using an Air-Pot. In her own words, Mary explains:

image.php When I first saw this odd-looking plastic container full of holes at Hydrofarm's HQ in Petaluma, I didn’t know what it was, but I had an instant mental picture of what it could look like filled with succulents. I found out that it’s a SuperRoots Air-Pot, made from recycled material, and its day job is germinating seeds and rooting cuttings. But I had something else entirely in mind. I filled all the holes with cuttings from a succulent and the results were gorgeous.

Succulents 001     It took a little time, but the project was super-easy. The Air-Pot pot is hidden, creating a pot-less look!

You'll need:


  • An Air-Pot--they come in different sizes--I used a 10 gallon pot, which makes for quite a project. It took about 6 hours to complete.
  • Some succulents. I used one "mother" plant, but you can mix it up and use several varieties for a different look. Whichever approach you choose, you'll need plant(s) with enough narrow stems to fit the holes of your Air-Pot.
  • Cactus mix potting soil, which works well with succulents because it provides excellent drainage. You can also make your own by combining perlite with organic matter.
  • A pair of scissors
Succulents 003

Here's how: Trim as many 2" long cuttings as you think you'll need from your mother plant(s) and trim the leaves from the bottom 1" of the stem. Lay the cuttings out to dry; they'll be ready to plant when the raw end is calloused. Succulents are so easy, though--I've stuck fresh cuttings right into soil and had no problems with getting them to root.

Place your Air-Pot as close as possible to where you'll situate it permanently. If you chose a large size, it'll be heavy after you've filled it with soil. Fill the pot about half-full with soil, and tamp it down. This will help keep the stems in place. Trim as many 2" long cuttings as you think you'll need from your mother plant(s) and trim the leaves from the bottom 1" of the stem. Starting at the bottom of the pot, poke through a hole into the soil with your scissors, a chopstick, a screwdriver, whatever you have on hand. Then stick your cutting into the hole. Repeat, going around the pot from the bottom up, tamping down the soil as you go and adding more soil as needed. You can take a few days to complete your project--your cuttings should be fine.

001 superroots air pots

Wait a few days, then water--waiting will help protect the raw roots from fungus, then continue to water thoroughly whenever the soil dries out. Fertilize your creation with a balanced fertilizer every couple of weeks during the growing season.

Don't leave it outside during cold weather/frosts. Some basic succulent and cacti care guidelines here.

A few of these in different sizes look great grouped together--and they make awesome gifts. Air-Pots: recycled AND recyclable, and reusable, too!  


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