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Aquaponics is like hydroponics’ cousin from out of town. You’ve probably heard of it before, but you may not have been properly introduced.  These two growing philosophies have quite a bit in common. Both are soilless methods that rely on water chemistry for plant growth. Both are enclosed systems that require close attention to nutrient levels. In hydroponics, nutrients are added to the water, whereas in aquaponics, the nutrient cycle starts with fish that create the nutrients for you. ...

Enter to win a Phantom II ballast

Enter To Win A Phantom II Ballast! Enter to win a Phantom II Ballast when you sign up for The Blog at Hydrofarm. The blog is full of useful information about growing tip and tricks, the latest Hydrofarm news and what's going on in the world of gardening. It's a must read. The brand new Phantom II ballast is the latest offering from Hydrofarm and comes well-equipped with all sorts of cutting-edge technology including a 32 Mhz, fully-integrated microprocessor with multiple alert codes ...

Terrariums and the Polar Vortex

Polar vortex is a term that most of us had never heard until this winter. I live in the Midwest, and at this point, we’re sick of hearing about it! The swirling snow and cutting wind are brutal, and every aspect of our lives has to be adjusted to deal with the intense cold. Indoor plants are no exception, and my way of handling them during the freezing winter months is to scale down my operation. I’m thinking small. Terrariums are a great way to add plant life to your indoor environment on a ...


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