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Changing Spaces

By Jennifer Ruisch Sometimes the right place to post up your grow lights just doesn’t present itself. Next to the bookshelves? In the bedroom? In the corner where we put the dog’s bed? The options, it would seem, are few. If you don’t have quite the spare space for a dedicated room, and aren’t working with a budget that would allow you to add one to your current abode, try a little clever maneuvering. This way you can create a dedicated space you and your plants will enjoy, without ...

How It’s Made: Hydrofarm Heat Mats

Sure, you can find cheaper heat mats on the market, but you won’t find better ones than ours, which employ an exclusive manufacturing process that’s really kind of awesome in a “how’d they do that?” kind of way.     First off, our mats use USA made materials and are UL/CSA listed. Safety first, especially when there’s electricity involved, right?       Hydrofarm’s heat mats utilize a 5 layer construction and a bonding process that secures not only the internal layers, ...

Top Ten Reasons It Pays To Be An Indoor Gardener

By Jennifer Ruisch 1.   It’s a form of entertainment. Why go sit through a stupefying summer blockbuster when you can stay home and tend to your plants? No traffic jams, no ridiculously priced popcorn, and you get to be all smug about how productive you've been.  2.   Stress relief. Save yourself some money on therapy. Gardening is proven to reduce stress, and we all know that stress happens year round. So does indoor gardening. Go ahead and get your hands dirty. 3.   Keep the ...


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