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The N to the P to the K

By Jennifer Ruisch There are a lot of ways you can give your plants a leg up on the competition, and one of the easiest is with fertilizer. But which one to choose? One must know the ingredient ratios and the existing soil or water conditions. Which ingredients to add? Which to avoid? The answers might sound complicated, but really, they’re…elementary. (groan) The Mighty Three First the basics: The main things you need to know are your macro nutrients. These are the pillars that will ...

Vegetable Gardening - High Quality Produce at Home, Part One

Words and photographs by Erin Lowe, Hydrofarm's Southwest Sales Manager and Garden Guru Part One of Two Gardening is a practice almost as old as the human race, and recently more and more people are finding that growing food is a fun way to save money and eat well. I’ve grown up knowing this! My grandparents on both sides came from the Appalachians. In that area and in their time period, growing food and raising livestock was necessary for survival. I was fortunate enough to learn ...


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