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Let There Be Plant Lights

By esteemed guest blogger E. Vinje of Planet Natural in Bozeman, Montana Indoor plant lights let you shine a light where and when the sun don’t shine. They allow you to extend the growing season; have a year-round supply of fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs; as well as give your seedlings a head start before you can plant them outside. There are almost as many kinds of grow lights for sale as there are different light spectrums. Everything from a simple $5 ...

Fertilizer Basics: Plant Micronutrients

By esteemed guest blogger E. Vinje, of Planet Natural in Bozeman, Montana We all know the nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur — that are important to plant health. We call them macronutrients. But there’s a whole list of micronutrients that are also key, in much smaller quantities, to the health of your plants. These plant micronutrients — boron, iron, zinc and others — not only assure healthy growth, they help your gardens fight off pests ...

Hydrofarm in India

Benoit Goessens, Hydrofarm's Vice-President of Sales, recently traveled to India to attend the Soilless Gardening Conference and Mini-Expo 2014 in Mumbai. The 2 day conference was produced by Soilless Gardening Magazine, whose main objective is to help develop the soilless gardening industry in India. Highlights included a talk by William Texier, hydroponics expert and author of Hydroponics for Everybody as well as panel discussions about the many different aspects of developing hydroponics ...

Let's Get This Party Started

By Jennifer Ruisch It’s the time of year when green thumbs start itching, and a really productive way to scratch that itch is to start your seeds indoors. There are a lot of advantages to this method versus purchasing seedlings later on. By starting with seeds, you have way more choices in terms of plant varieties, and it’s of course much more economical. Time is on your side with this approach as well—you’ll be ready to set your plants outside as soon as weather permits, and you’ll ...

We have a winner!!

The lucky winner of our Phantom II Ballast contest is Nick from NorCal. Nick entered the Valentine's Day contest by signing up for this very blog, proof positive that good things happen to signer-uppers! Nick, who has "never won anything before," is pictured here with the Phantom II, which is the latest offering from Hydrofarm. It features cutting-edge Smart Alert Technology with a fully-integrated 32 Mhz microprocessor. We're thrilled that this Phantom II found its forever home with Nick.

March Madness--sign up and win stuff!

Sign up for this blog and you're eligible to win a free Seed Starting Kit  Grand Prize: Seed Starting Kit! Includes: Germination Station http://hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=1898 T5 Modular System (2ft with 4 Omni-max reflectors) http://hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=14515 Pruners http://hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=7348 Plugs http://hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=6982 Plantit Coco (JSCCM25) http://hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=8083 Just ...


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