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On this last day of 2013, we want to wish everyone a Happy Hydrofarm New Year! We're looking forward to a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2014.  As many are thinking about taking their holiday lights down,  the new LED lights in the warehouse at our Petaluma headquarters will continue to illuminate. The 152 fixture LED system was installed earlier this year, and has resulted in an energy reduction of a whopping 90% while doubling the level of light! The reduced CO2 levels will save the ...

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." Steve Martin

This time of year, it’s easy to catch a case of the SADs. Seasonal Affective Disorder is recognized as a common mental condition, and in its classic form, is thought to be caused by shortened days and fewer hours of sunshine. Indoor gardeners rejoice, though. Those grow lights that you thoughtfully provide for your plants all year round can do you and your wintertime grumpiness a world of good, since light therapy is considered to be #1 on the charts for treating the wintertime blahs. The ...

Mad About Saffron!

Growing Saffron Hydroponically, by Peyam Barghassa Being of Iranian background, I use saffron in practically every dish; let’s just say we are addicted to the stuff. So the thought of growing my own saffron,  a spice that costs more by weight than gold, exhilarated me! I was inspired to embark on this journey by reading an article in Maximum Yield, entitled “Strands of Gold—Growing Saffron,” written by Dr. Lynette Morgan. The article explained  that there is no one way to grow ...


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