Hydrofarm in India



Hydrofarm in India

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hydrofarm in India

Benoit Goessens, Hydrofarm’s Vice-President of Sales, recently traveled to India to attend the Soilless Gardening Conference and Mini-Expo 2014 in Mumbai. The 2 day conference was produced by Soilless Gardening Magazine, whose main objective is to help develop the soilless gardening industry in India. Highlights included a talk by William Texier, hydroponics expert and author of Hydroponics for Everybody as well as panel discussions about the many different aspects of develo ping hydroponics in India. Attendees were treated to an intensely educational experience, including the chance to meet and chat with industry experts from around the world.


Benoit (second from right) is shown here participating in a round table discussion with other conference participants in which the panel fielded questions from attendees, which sparked a lively exchange about the challenges and rewards of soilless gardening.

“I was really impressed with the number of people who came out for the conference,” said Benoit. “They had a real thirst for knowledge, and were so appreciative that we made the trip to India to meet with them. I found a high level of interest and awareness about avoiding chemicals and pesticides in the food supply, water conservation, and striving for a better quality of food for the general public. There is definitely a growing awareness in India that we need to take care of the planet while we’re taking care of ourselves.”

Hydrofarm has introduced a select group of products to the Indian market, including Emily’s Garden, a self-contained hydroponic garden designed to sit on a shelf, table or patio. It contains everything you need (except seeds!) to grow enough vegetables to feed a family year-round.

The Phantom Digital Ballast is the most rigorously tested ballast on the market. It’s silent, durable, lightweight and drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth:

Jump Start Grow Light Systems are ideal for starting seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants and include a T5 high-output light fixture and bulb. The systems are expandable, so they’ll grow along with your plants. Have a look:

The Daystar Air-Cooled Reflector was designed exclusively for Hydrofarm by the foremost lighting design engineers, is compact and lightweight and combines high performance with maximum air cooling. Check it out:

IMG_4103 2

Benoit is shown below as he shares in a traditional candle lighting ceremony at the conference, intended to bring positive energy to the event. It worked!


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