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For the simplest and most effective cloning system available, look no further than oxyCLONE. The oxyCLONE systems are simple, compact propagation systems that work with a variety of cuttings. Their submersible pumps deliver constant, turbulent circulation to your reservoir while the attached Venturi valve draws air in to increase dissolved oxygen even further.

oxyCLONE systems are powered by Active Aqua’s premium, industry-leading water and air pumps. They provide maximum aeration and dissolved oxygen to rooting cuttings, which results in some of the shortest rooting times possible. The powerful delivery of air from the Active Aqua air pump through robust, four-inch Active Aqua air stones creates a highly oxygenated environment within the rooting zone.

oxyCLONE systems feature a reservoir and lid built from BPA-free virgin ABS plastic, and also feature non-toxic oxyCERTs EVA foam disc plant inserts. These are ideal when propagating herbs and other consumable plants.

With versions offering 20, 40, and 80 cloning sites, you will find the oxyCLONE system that’s right for your needs. No other cloner delivers oxygen like the oxyCLONE!

Hydrofarm Brand: Oxyclone
SRP: $94.49