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SunBlaster Horticultural Lighting

SunBlaster's commitment and focus has always been to provide the best possible Indoor horticultural lighting for today's urban growers.

That tradition continues proudly today.

We design and manufacture products that are easy to use, and perform flawlessly. Traditional Home growers and Commercial operators alike, enjoy the benefits that come from using SunBlaster lighting products and propagation accessories. There will come a day, when all our food is near perfect, packed full of nutrients, flavor and freshness ... that day is rapidly approaching ... are you ready for it?

We don't just build products, we change lives.

Our commitment  to provide growers with the  tools they need to grow better, healthier and vastly more nutritious foods, continues to motivate us daily. This commitment is seen in the products we bring to market and the life changing capabilities they have.

SKU: SL1600200
Hydrofarm Brand: SunBlaster
SRP: $149.99
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Hydrofarm Brand: SunBlaster
SRP: $199.99
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Hydrofarm Brand: SunBlaster
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Hydrofarm Brand: SunBlaster
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