Indulge your plants in extra sun, even on the cloudiest day or darkest night, with the Hydrofarm Xtrasun collection. Choose your own adventure, with the Xtrasun ballast’s versatile, unique patented aluminum housing, convection cooling, and exclusive lock & seal detachable in-line plug system, all contributing to reliable service at value prices. You’ll benefit from the ballast’s exclusive cooling ports, multi-mount handle, aluminum fins, and rubber mount feet that keep your system grounded and efficient. Xtrasun ballasts are available to power both sodium and halide bulbs (400, 600, or 1000w sodium or 400w/1000w halide), and can handle 120v or 240v input. Give yourself the utmost flexibility with the Xtrasun Convertible, offering one-click flexibility to drive either sodium or halide bulbs.

Complete your indoor garden arrangement with the ballast’s partner: Xtrasun reflectors. This line provides excellent light delivery at a value price. Xtrasun offers something for everyone and every garden. Choose from our air-cooled 6” or 8” units or fully-sealed units, either of which will make your garden shine while keeping it cool. The Xtrasun line features efficient and lightweight wing reflectors, as well as our line of parabolic reflectors that distribute light broadly and allow for bulbs to be used in multiple positions (not XT45V). For those of you looking for super broad light, the Mondo 6” reflector won’t disappoint. Whatever your lighting needs, from power to reflector, Xtrasun has you covered.

The Xtrasun reflector is also both sodium (400, 430, 600, 1000 watts) and halide (400, 1000) compatible and delivers the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth. Constructed from highly reflective European specular aluminum, the air-coolable Xtrasun reflector is CSA certified. You’ll find the low-profile design easy to use when changing out bulbs. Customize your setup with optional flanges, lens system, and lamp and cord set. All reflectors include hanging hardware and instructions.





Xtrasun ballasts offer reliable service at value prices, along with the longest warranties in their class. These versatile additions to your grow room are compatible with all Hydrofarm reflectors and most others.

Dual Lamp/Bulbs Option


The Convertible Xtrasun ballast works with both sodium and halide bulbs. All Xtrasun ballasts feature dual voltage operation as well.

Dual Voltage


Choose an Xtrasun ballast for its exclusive lock & seal water resistant, detachable in-line plug system, cool-running aluminum construction, multi-mount handle, and exclusive cooling ports that allow warm air to escape.




Air Coolable

Xtrasun air coolable reflectors are designed to run cool. Choose a 6” or 8” flange, with both versions including built-in socket/cordset, highly reflective European specular aluminum, and a completely sealed removable lens system for easy bulb exchange.

Large Selection


Deliver a wide column of light to your plants with the Xtrasun parabolic reflectors. Enjoy ultimate flexibility – the Xtrasun is compatible with both sodium or halide bulbs, which may be used horizontally or vertically. No tools needed for assembly.

CSA Certified


Shine the broadest light in the grow room with the Xtrasun 45” vertical reflector. Includes a cordset, four reflective pieces, housing, and hardware.

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