Enhance your indoor garden area with the Hydrofarm Phantom digital ballast. The Phantom offers the only vertical operation in the industry, saving space, while packing the punch of the most effective power-factor on the market, a high .98 out of 1. The Phantom operates below the radar, with its complete silence and low energy use making it almost fade into the background and letting your plants take center stage.

Find a Phantom that fits your needs with 250, 400, 600, 750, and 1000 watt options available. All Phantoms feature a microprocessor, cooling fins, handle, rubber feet, optional positioning, dual resettable breakers, five year warranty, and a Lock & Seal universal reflector adaptor. Several versions of the Phantom also offer LED-indicator dimming.

The Phantom's got your back with built-in protection. You'll find the system's reset buttons, which work as thermal cutoffs, vital in cases of an overheating situation. All Phantom units also provide built-in hot-restrike programming – never blow a bulb or burn your fingers again. Even with this safeguard, Phantom can still boast of the highest light output for maximum plant growth and unsurpassed reliability in the industry.



Highly Efficient

Digital Intuition

The Phantom ballast runs both sodium and halide lamps, recognizes the difference between bulbs, and starts them up automatically. Switch between enhanced red of sodium and all-around spectrum of halide at any time.

Dimmable Switch

Dimmable Lumen Output

Conserve energy by reducing the amount of energy used at low light settings. Dim the ballast to your ideal grow room requirements and never waste an ounce of flower power. The Phantom also eliminates the need for multiple ballasts for different bulb wattages – the Phantom adapts to your needs.

Runs All Lamps

Highly Efficient

The amount of energy the Phantom consumes while it runs remains low, even with high lumens per watt output. This digital ballast also weighs less and takes up less space than magnetic-style ballasts.

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